Among Us Mod

Among Us Mod

Version : MCPE 1.0 - 1.2 Platforms : Android, iOS, Windows
Add-on date : July 25, 2023
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(347 vote, Rating: 4.6 out of 5)

Among Us Mod for Minecraft

Details :

Experience the excitement of the renowned Among Us game right in your Minecraft world! Gather your friends, work together to fulfill your missions, and stay vigilant to avoid being eliminated. Your crew’s survival depends on identifying the imposter lurking among you.

Immerse yourself in the suspenseful gameplay, just like in Among Us. Communicate with your fellow players, share information, and stay on guard during discussions and emergency meetings. Analyze clues, observe behavior, and use your deductive skills to unmask the imposter.

But beware, the imposter won’t rest until they have eliminated everyone! Navigate through the tasks and challenges while keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings. Work as a team to complete assignments and narrow down the list of potential imposters.

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence, it’s time for the crucial vote. Accuse the imposter and expel them from your ranks before they strike again. Victory lies in your hands, but the imposter will try to deceive and sow discord among the crew.

Get ready to bring the thrilling experience of Among Us to your Minecraft world! Collaborate, investigate, and expose the imposter to secure your team’s victory. Enjoy this action-packed adventure filled with deception, camaraderie, and exciting gameplay. Can you survive and unravel the mystery of the imposter in your midst? Find out in Among Us for Minecraft!

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FAQs :


    To install the Among Us Mod, you'll need to have Minecraft installed on your device.
    The Among Us Mod file is in .mcaddon extension, which means it's designed to be installed automatically in Minecraft.

    First, download the Among Us Mod file to your device.
    Once it's downloaded, locate the file and tap on it.
    Your device should recognize the file extension and prompt you to open it with Minecraft.

    Tap on "Open with Minecraft" to initiate the installation process.
    Minecraft will launch and show you a message that the Among Us Mod is being imported.
    Once the import is complete, you can launch Minecraft and activate the Among Us Mod from the game's settings or mods menu.


    Yes, the Among Us Mod can be used in a multiplayer game.

    For this it is enough just to be the owner of the card and install this modification on it.