Modern City Map

Modern City Map

Version : MCPE 1.0 - 1.2 Platforms : Android, iOS, Windows
Add-on date : August 27, 2023
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Modern City Map for Minecraft PE

Details :

Uncover the Marvels of the Modern City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Experience a Fusion of Modernity and Classic Cubic Charm

In a world brimming with Minecraft Bedrock adventures, the hallmark cubic style often reigns supreme. However, for those seeking a touch of modernity and excitement, the Modern City Map offers an enticing escape. This update transports players to the heart of two distinct megacities, where exploration, intrigue, and comfort intertwine in a delightful blend.

Step into Modernity While the Minecraft universe boasts its distinct charm, sometimes a dash of modern flair can elevate the experience to new heights. The Modern City Map is the perfect remedy for those yearning for a dose of contemporary realism. Within this sprawling metropolis, every corner beckons with a myriad of amenities, ensuring your stay is both comfortable and engaging.

Stroll through bustling shopping malls, peruse intriguing shops, or relish the sights and sounds of vibrant playgrounds. This meticulously crafted cityscape serves as the ultimate backdrop for a diverse range of experiences. What’s more, team up with friends to embark on thrilling adventures throughout the expanse of the Modern City Map, with each new day bringing new possibilities.

Industrial Marvels Prepare to be astounded as the Industrial sector of the Modern City Map unveils its grandeur. Skyscrapers of unprecedented magnificence dominate the skyline, their intricate illuminations casting a captivating glow that paints the night. The vast landscape is not merely an amalgamation of buildings; it’s a world in itself, complete with playgrounds where laughter resounds after days of adventure.

Venture forth to explore the marvels of this metropolis, setting foot on warships and helicopters meticulously furnished with every essential detail. Whether your interests lie in architectural marvels or immersive escapades, the Modern City Map has something for every Minecraft PE enthusiast.

In a world where cubic charm meets contemporary allure, the Modern City Map invites you to become a part of its vibrant tapestry. As you traverse its streets, venture into its establishments, and carve your own path within its borders, you’ll discover an experience that encapsulates both the nostalgic joy of Minecraft and the exhilaration of modern exploration.

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    To install the Modern City Map, you'll need to have Minecraft installed on your device.
    The Modern City Map file is in .mcaddon extension, which means it's designed to be installed automatically in Minecraft.

    First, download the Modern City Map file to your device.
    Once it's downloaded, locate the file and tap on it.
    Your device should recognize the file extension and prompt you to open it with Minecraft.

    Tap on "Open with Minecraft" to initiate the installation process.
    Minecraft will launch and show you a message that the Modern City Map is being imported.
    Once the import is complete, you can launch Minecraft and activate the Modern City Map from the game's settings or mods menu.


    Yes, the Modern City Map can be used in a multiplayer game.

    For this it is enough just to be the owner of the card and install this modification on it.