More Ores Mod

More Ores Mod

Version : MCPE 1.0 - 1.2 Platforms : Android, iOS, Windows
Add-on date : August 24, 2023
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More Ores Mod for Minecraft PE

Details :

More Ores Mod for Minecraft Bedrock – Unlock Astonishing Advancements

The horizon of Minecraft PE’s boundless universe calls for an infusion of novelty, beckoning for the traditional roster of ores to be infused with newfound variety. The maestros behind More Ores Mod have heed this call, embarking on a quest to augment the subterranean troves of treasures.

A resplendent array of ten novel ore types, along with two alloy variants, now graces the gaming realm. These underground riches can be unearthed within cavernous depths, or even materialize within the Creative Mode Inventory through the adept wielding of commands.


Features Significance

Enriched Lode Diversity

Steel now supplants chain mail armor

Utilize the /function nuggets command to secure an array of nuggets

Unearth Unparalleled Wealth

Upon mining novel blocks, yields ranging from two to five components emerge

Unveiling Enriched Lode Diversity The infusion of the More Ores Mod transmutes the mundane subterranean landscape of Minecraft Bedrock. Connoisseurs of the art of excavation will be enthralled as underground caverns evolve into intricate repositories of newfound wonderment.

Each newfound mineral’s potential finds manifestation as a versatile nugget, solid block, or refined ingot. Note, however, that tin and steel alloys, brimming with their distinctiveness, can only be concocted within a forge. Embracing innovation, a novel grinding apparatus is introduced, enabling the transformation of ingots into two distinct powders, which can in turn be reconstituted into separate ingots. A testament to efficiency and resourcefulness, this refinement facilitates the amplification of resource output.

Lavish Yield Enhancement Championing the cause of convenience and progression, the More Ores Mod’s architect proffers a boon to stalwart miners. With every swing of the pickaxe, Minecraft PE stalwarts are greeted not merely with a solitary bounty, but a lavish yield spanning from two to five elements.

The end result is a significant acceleration of the mining process, as precious ores cascade forth with unprecedented abundance. Such an innovation dispels the specter of scarcity, and the once arduous pursuit of precious resources becomes an exercise in bountiful plenty. Experience this innovation firsthand, and bid adieu to resource dearth forevermore.

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FAQs :


    To install the More Ores Mod, you'll need to have Minecraft installed on your device.
    The More Ores Mod file is in .mcaddon extension, which means it's designed to be installed automatically in Minecraft.

    First, download the More Ores Mod file to your device.
    Once it's downloaded, locate the file and tap on it.
    Your device should recognize the file extension and prompt you to open it with Minecraft.

    Tap on "Open with Minecraft" to initiate the installation process.
    Minecraft will launch and show you a message that the More Ores Mod is being imported.
    Once the import is complete, you can launch Minecraft and activate the More Ores Mod from the game's settings or mods menu.


    Yes, the More Ores Mod can be used in a multiplayer game.

    For this it is enough just to be the owner of the card and install this modification on it.